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University of Tasmania, Australia.
Referencing and assignment writing: Home.
Referencing in your UTASUniversity of Tasmania, Australia.
Referencing and assignment writing: Home.
Referencing in your UTAS assignments.
Step 1. Before you use this library guide check: Does your School have its own referencing guide? To find out ask your lecturer or tutor.
Step 2. If you are using this guide or another guide and you are still unsure about a particular citation, it is always best to check with your tutor or lecturer – they will be marking your work after all.
Step 3. Refer to the Style Manual. UTAS Library holds print Style Manuals (complete guides) for the following referencing styles: Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver Turabian. You can find these manuals on the shelves in UTAS Library branches. To locate these books please refer to the other pages in this guide.
Step 4 . If you have followed steps 1 – 3 and you still need referencing help contact staff in Student Learning . or ask at a library enquiries desk, or fill in this web form: Ask a Librarian.
Guide to assignment writing.
Quick guides to assist with essay writing covers: Academic Reading, Critical Thinking, Essay Writing, Grammar, Making Better Notes, Oral Presentations, Revising for Exams, Time Management, etc. The study and writing section of this guide has a list of titles that can be of further assistance for these and other topics.
Check with your school(s) as they may have their own requirements.
General layout of assignments.
All assignments (essays, practical reports, etc) should be typed, word processed or legibly handwritten, on one side of sheets of A4.
Double space typewritten or word processed work except for.
footnotes which should be single spaced (if applicable.
indented quotations which should be either single or one and half spaced.
Each page should have a wide margin of at least 3cm for the marker’s comments.
Each page should be numbered in either the top right-hand corner or at the centre of the bottom of the page.
Make sure pages are securely fastened, preferably with a staple in the top left-hand corner.
Note. Schools normally have their own cover page template.
The following information should appear on the cover page of the assignment.
Title of assignment.
Student ID number.
Name of School.
Lecturer’s name.
Date of submission.